Ecosystem Study Project

This is the home page for the Biology 9 Ecosystem Project. You and your teammates will create and maintain a wiki (easily editable web page) for the space that you are studying.

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This is a sample wiki page. Take a look at it and then return here to see how to include these elements in your pages:

Google Maps

Your wiki page can be edited by anyone in your group. Only edit your own wiki page. Please respect others' wiki pages and don't edit their pages.

Getting a wiki page set up

You will need an account on Wikispaces. It's free. Go to and enter your user name and a password (twice.) Don't create a new space. click Join. That's all there is to it!

Inserting an image

You should include at least one picture of your selected spot. You might choose to use a cell phone, a regular digital camera, or even your MacBook and Photobooth in order to take a picture. Your picture(s) should give the viewer a visual sense of what the place looks like. Think about using a variety of different photos, both close-up and far away, to capture what your space looks like.

To insert an image on your wiki click the FirefoxScreenSnapz018.jpg button (Edit this Page) at the top of the page. Using the Editor, click the Insert Images button, and upload your picture. then, double-click it from your Library in order to insert it. Then Save your page.

Inserting a Google Maps widget

Go to and locate your space on the map. Once you have located it, click the "Link to this Page" link and then highlight the text in the "Paste HTML to embed in website" and Copy it.

Back in your wiki page, look on the Editor bar for the little icon that looks like a TV. FirefoxScreenSnapz022.jpg

Click the button and you will see a list on the left where you can specify Maps. Paste the text into the box and then Save your page in order to see the interactive map.

Finding Latitude/Longitude Information

To find this information for your location you will need to either take a handheld GPS to the location, or you can locate it in Google Earth. All you need to do is find your location in Google Earth, zoom in and choose "Create Placemark" from the toolbar. This will pop up a dialog box that will display the latitude/longitude coordinates for that point. Note that you can also see the coordinates displayed on the bottom of the viewer window as you move the arrow.

Inserting a Table

You can insert a table using the Editor toolbar. Click the Insert Table button and specify the number of rows and columns.